PCS Binder - Living In Germany

PCS Binder

PCS Binder for Germany

*The PCS Binder is for PERSONAL USE only

Things Needed

A PCS Binder can be a very useful tool in an already stressful situation like a big overseas move

You only need a couple things to start with:

  • Scissors
  • Dividers (12 count)
  • a Binder
  • Document Protectors
  • Pens
  • a Stapler


Then download and print out the Files in the PCS Binder Zip. You can choose how many pages you need of each section.

When assembling the Binder follow the order of the inventory sheet:

PCS Checklist

now its time to fill out your inventory Pages.

Its best to add a photo, receipt if you still have it, or an appraisal for each of the expensive items



Now all you got left is adding your personal papers, passports and be sure that all your information is up to date.

Most of the pages are self explanatory.

PCS Folder

And Voila, the PCS Binder is done! Now just be sure you lock it up, so the movers don’t pack it


Download Link for the PCS Folder Zip:

PCS Binder


For those that only need the Rental Inspection Check List, for their walkthrough, I added it in separately too. The Form is in English and German so both parties can read and understand it, it should be filled out when doing the walkthrough before the move in and accompanied by plenty pictures.

Rental inspection

Both Parties should sign it after checking it and keep a copy in their records!

Download Link For the Rental Inspection Checklist:

Rental Inspection Checklist


*For personal use only