Before the Move - Living In Germany

Before the Move

Moving to a foreign country whether it be Germany or any place overseas can be a little scary but think of it asheather nothing more than an adventure.

This definitely could be the opportunity of a lifetime and when are you ever going to get a chance to move all expenses paid. All that’s required is you don’t look at it as you are leaving your home in the states, your friends and family, or maybe a job you loved. Look at this as an opportunity to see GREAT THINGS, explore the most amazing castles, hike through some of the most breath taking woods and make new friends within Germany.

I can tell you it was definitely hard for me. I, like most of my other USA girl friends here, cried for days. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t normal. It happens to all of us! You will find it so hard to meet people at first but that’s what the net is for……EXPLORE IT. I met so many friends from, and through time. If you get your feelers out before you come, you may meet some amazing people that will be waiting to help you along with your journey.

I have attached a few things that I can remember worrying about when I was getting ready to move. This was our first PCS overseas and boy were we in for a surprise.

  • Make a checklist of things; this will help you be more organized and in control of what seems like an out of control situation.
  • Passports: It takes 90-120 days to get your passports. Plan accordingly…. I recommend you do it at least 6 months before your scheduled to leave. This way there is no worries on whether or not you are going to have them by the time the movers are there to get your things and you are ready to get on that plane to your destination.
  • Movers: Typically, it takes your household goods 45 days to be shipped to your final destination when moving overseas. Personal preference on which place would you rather go the longest without your things…. Home or where you are venturing to. Normally, they will do 2 shipments; your bare necessities for the first shipment (which arrives before your final shipment of all your household goods) and then the remainder of your things. Some suggestions for your first shipment:
  1. Sheets, blankets, pillows
  2. Pots and pans, cooking utensils, plates, drinking cups and silverware (maybe just enough for each person)
  3. Wash cloths and towels
  • Savings: THIS IS A HUGE ONE. Make sure you save as much money as you can before coming to Germany. You will find that you are going to use money that you didn’t anticipate using. You may find that you will need a second car and those aren’t cheap either. So, having the savings will help with this unexpected expense as well.
  • Do your research on Germany before you come (either through this site or others.) If you are offered Rosetta Stone … USE IT. You might not be as lucky as I was finding a German friend who can show you the ropes.
  • Make sure you pack the appropriate clothing for the time of weather Germany may have for you when you reach your final PCS destination. Here is a good website you can use . You can change the language to English by going to Google Translate and pasting the webpage.


Once you get to Germany and the military FINALLY pays your travel pay and entitlements; don’t start spending it. I recommend that you save what you can incase something like THEY OVER PAY YOU comes up. (This has happened to a lot of us.) You definitely don’t want to end up having to pay finance back while your over here, especially when your depending on only one income!